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It’s time to get involved. This is our country, our town, and it’s filled with people we know. Membership is free, and your commitment to learning and connecting with InfraGard members is a great way help keep America safe to enjoy the freedom we hold dear.

Membership Donation Dues

North Dakota Infragard sincerely appreciates our members. Thank you for you support. Please use the form below to become a member and/or pay dues.

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Benefits of Membership

  • Network with other companies that help maintain our national infrastructure. Quick Fact: 400 of our nation’s Fortune 500 have a representative in InfraGard.
  • Gain access to an FBI secure communication network complete with VPN encrypted website, webmail, listervs, message boards and much more.
  • Learn time-sensitive, infrastructure related security information from government sources such as DHS and the FBI. Get invitation and discounts to important training seminars and concerences. Best of all, there is NO cost to join InfraGard.

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InfraGard Patriots Circle

Join Patriots Circle!

As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, InfraGard National appreciates the generosity of our individual members in helping to defray the costs of programs that strengthen national security and resilience. The Patriots Circle harnesses our collective contributions and commitment to safeguarding national interests. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift that will serve as a force multiplier in this worthwhile endeavor.

Please allow 45 days for your coin and or pin to arrive.

  • With a $100 contribution, Patriots Circle members will enjoy special benefits, including:
  • The distinction of being InfraGard’s most generous annual contributors.
  • An exclusive InfraGard Patriots Circle lapel pin and coin.
  • $25 from each donation will go directly to your local InfraGard chapter to support safety, security and resilience in your community.
  • Complimentary access to InfraGard National’s 2021 series of webinars (paid webinars in the series are regularly priced at $25 each, providing incredible value for InfraGard Patriots Circle members).
  • Access to premium, members-only webinars that will be specially curated on topics relevant to national security and critical infrastructure protection
  • Access to exclusive members-only briefings on timely topics.
  • Reduced registration fees and rates for INMA conferences, summits and symposiums.
  • Reduced fees for certificates and continuing education units (CEUs) for training programs offered by INMA.
  • 10% discount for certification programs offered via NISRU (National Infrastructure Security Resilience U), InfraGard * National Members Alliance online university.
  • The most important benefit is knowing that your valued gift will help make our nation safer and more resilient for your family, business and community!
  • With a $250 contribution, Patriots Circle members will also receive a commemorative 25th Anniversary lapel pin and challenge coin (pictured below), coin holder, Patriot Circle decal & hat.
  • With a $500 contribution, Patriots Circle members will also receive a commemorative 25th Anniversary lapel pin and challenge coin (pictured below), coin holder, Patriots Circle decal and logo insulated coffee tumbler.
  • With a $1000 contribution, Patriots Circle members will also receive the 25th Anniversary lapel pin and challenge coin, coin holder, InfraGard Decal, logo insulated coffee tumbler and embroidered 25th Anniversary InfraGard logo button up shirt ($100 back to your IMA).
  • With a $2500 contribution, A corporate membership includes 5 pins, coins, decals, insulated coffee tumblers, hats and access for 5 people to receive discounts at NISRU and certified training programs plus free access to the INMA webinars. Company listed as Corporate Patriots Circle Member on the InfraGard National website with link and contact info for one year ($250 back to your IMA).

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For additional levels, please see our Corporate Patriots Circle Program!