The FBI released  (PDF, 1.43 Mb). In response to a law signed in 2013 giving the attor­ney general the ability to assist investigations of violent acts and shootings in public places, the FBI began a study of active shooter incidents, and the data has just been released.

The information provided in the study covers 160 active shooter incidents in the years mentioned resulting in 1,043 casualties. There are a few interesting things to note from the statistics reported:

– The ratio of casualties injured versus killed is close to being a 50-50 split;
– The average number of incidents in the past seven years studied is almost three times as high as the first 7 years studied;
– Law enforcement suffered casualties in 47 percent of the incidents;
– Shootings occurred in 40 of the states and the District of Columbia.

The study also covers specifics about the different types of locations where shootings took place, how the incidents were resolved, and a number of other variables.

The information in this study is not going offer any hard answers on how to stop these events, nor is it going to provide a template for the perfect response plan. Instead, it will provide a reference point to better understand the trends and exceptions of active shooter incidents. Using the information provided in this study to devise better training and plans will benefit the community as well as responding departments.

(Source: FBI)

Don Ronsberg
Protective Security Advisor, North Dakota District
Infrastructure Protection
U.S. Department of Homeland Security